how much is a old copper water tank worth

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Jan 11, 2013· How much is an old copper hot water tank worth , Apr 14, 2011 Best Answer: Take all insulation off prior to selling Make sure its not asbestos insulation and if so have it properly removed

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Nov 21, 2013· A water heater will also have different types of metal inside, including copper or stainless steel, and they vary in size Of course a larger hot water heater with more valuable copper will get you more money than a smaller one without

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Average Price for Scrapping a Water Heater The easiest way to dispose of an old water heater for scrap is to bring the entire unit to a scrap yard, but this will also get you the least amount of money When you bring a whole water heater into a scrap yard, you get the going rate for what is called light-iron, light-steel, shred, or mixed metal

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May 15, 2014· old back boiler- does it have any scrap value? , does it have any scrap value? (pic included Reply , taken several boilers and hot water cylinders to the local scrapyard in ,

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Oct 10, 2019· In general, unless the unit is more than 10 years old or is leaking from the tank, you can probably fix the one you have How Much Does it Cost to Install a Water Heater? The cost to install a tank-type gas or electric water heater varies quite a bit The main factor is the cost of the water ,

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Very Tidy & in almost original condition 1HZ motor, Air Con, 40 litre water tank under tray In last 12 months, timing belt, new 4 core brass copper radiator, new water pump & thermostat, disc brakes all round, extractors, wheel bearings & seals & swivel bearings New hood liner, Faults, has had passenger door repaired & a few marks here and there

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Find great local deals on Copper cylinder for sale Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, , Newark Copper insulated water storage tank Height 1550mm x 450mm with lid With 25mm thick insulation Manufactured in 2018 Has been fitted previously , cylinder brand new £175 900mm high x 450mm wide lagged Indirect with coil Burnley plumbing supplies .

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Mar 27, 2015· Copper hot water cylinder - how much is it worth , Another good one is old electric cable robwilk , The copper and lead pipes and tank were worth £398 in total as scrap

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No scrapped a tank, but have scrapped plenty of copper Its worth around £1500/ton But its only worth that if its ‘clean’ in the sense that anything not copper has been stripped off of it

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Many people want to know about the inside of water heaters and how they can make money with them,and it is a great question to ask Most water heaters have an electric coil that will heat up the water that comes in through the pip Sometimes the water heater companies will use copper coils,but you won’t know until you take off a couple .

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Oct 29, 2009· "How much" as a question is quite vague Some hot water heaters are comprised of copper only So this now depends on the size of the hot water heater Some hot water heaters have no copper whatsoever

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Mar 24, 2013· I remember when you would get 50p for an old cylinder Every job I do these days I get at least one dick eye knocking on the door asking for my scrap I tend to let them have the steel as its not worth much to me Copper and brass on the other hand is good money although they aren't allowed to give cash anymore which is a pain

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May 09, 2019· How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Hot Water Cylinder? Last Updated on May 9, , Also included is the cost of scrapping the old tank and any waste created during the job Standard copper water cylinders are available for around £200 and a thermostat for the cylinder costs under £20

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May 31, 2007· How big is it? How much copper is in it? What is the going rate for copper? Also consider if it might have a collecter value since you said it is old Who knows, there are some old train parts that are worth a ton as collecter items but worthless when sold for scrap

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Sep 24, 2011· If it is an "old" water heater as described it is likely to have a thin galvanised steel outer shell, a thick layer of insulation under that and a copper heating tank in the middle A friend and I scrapped a couple of these when I was younger and the money wasn't too bad at all (at a time when copper was worth much less than it is now)

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Can I Scrap My Hot Water Tank for Money? , all of which would be considered ferrous and not worth as much as non-ferrous scrap metal However, your tank likely does contain some non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass, which can be removed and scrapped separately for more value

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Copper / Copper wire / Insulated copper cable Gold and silver aren’t the only things worth money At Scrap Hotline, we’ll pay you cash for all types of copper including copper wire (plastic and non plastic coated), burnt copper, domestic copper, PVC insulated copper and even armoured copper cable

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Within this article on how to recycle an old water heater, I will describe to you how to accomplish the task as well as provide additional tips that can help you make more money recycling old water heaters Begin by draining your water tank if it is not already empty

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Both taps come with a three-litre water tank The Proboil3 water tank is the first of its kind, according to Abode, which says that this intelligent boiler can take care of its long-term health by running self-diagnostics and alerting you 'politely' when it needs a new filter or descaling Maintenance costs and replacement filters

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The first answer is correct but I might add that besides the small amount from your job making it no worth your time you have to prep the scrap to get the highest price All non copper parts must be removed or you will fall into a diferent price group , (depending on whether forced air or hydronic heating), assuming you replaced water and .

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Mar 21, 2013· Your next step is to use a pipe wrench and twist the valve that is sticking out of the gas water heater tank at the top of the unit This valve is a mineral deposit stick and in many cases is made out of a non-ferrous scrap metal, such as copper Check it with your magnet

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Aug 10, 2012· Take it too the scrap metal, i took my old one in and got $100 for the copper Make sure you strip the outside metal(not to sure what it is made off) off first This will expose the copper drum underneath, you will get you a better price without it

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Mar 12, 2011· How much is a copper hot water tank worth in scrap? Around £3 per kg, so a tank will be worth around £30 to £50 depending on weight and where you go Asked in Small Business and Entrepreneurship

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Apr 02, 2016· Well yeh I wanted to scrap the copper for beer money It is really a shame to do that I am reasonably sure that much of the copper plate used in articles sold at Sunday markets is derived directly from old copper hot water tanks, and they sure ain't cheap!

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Mar 25, 2015· Two small doors on the lower left hide the fuel chambers, a row of bun warmers grace the top of the piece, and a copper-lined box for heating water hangs on the right Quality antique stoves with restoration potential command up to $2,500 (fully updated examples, converted to gas or electric, can bring as much as $9,000)

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DIY Hand Wiped Tinning of Old Copper Pots/Pans - Step by Step Instructions: Ok folks, it's DIY time After extensive research on this site (thanks guys!) and elsewhere I tried my hand at re-tinning a handful of copper pots I picked up from antique store I was able to ,

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Apr 14, 2011· Take all insulation off prior to selling Make sure its not asbestos insulation and if so have it properly removed As far as scrap value, depending on your location in world scrap copper is around $340 -370 per pound (as of april 2011)

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Copper tanks usually come in the form of old boilers or water receptacl They are, therefore, usually qutie large, and we accept a minimum of 25kg load with regard to Copper tanks They are a strong material, and have great usage in a variety of contexts, from both domestic to industrial This makes them valuable as scrap material

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A water tank is a container for storing water Water tanks are used to provide storage of water for use in many applications, drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming, both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other us

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Aug 10, 2009· Copper Tank in my Roof - How much is it worth? I was up in my roof today and among other things, started to dismantle the old hot water system that has not been in use for about a decade After removing the shell, I noticed that the tank inside is made completely of copper Its a 250-300 litre capacity tank which is about 80cm in diameter and .