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Apr 14, 2014· Using ASTER Data with FLAASH tutorial in ENVI 51 , Mapping Mineral Exploration & Alteration Zones with , Understanding Image Statistics in the Context of Radiometric and Atmospheric .

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Jan 14, 2019· The results of study are cross-verified in the study area and confirmed through petrological and chemical analyses of the sampl This study bespeaks the potential of ASTER sensor and application of image processing methods to map the economic limestone deposits and associated rocks of the study area

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It will resample the band 4 image to match the resolution of the other layers Conclusion: there is not a straight way to work with ASTER image in QGIS yet A better solution might be to order ASTER image in tif, I know it is possible through REVERB data center Now that ASTER images and product are free available, it is the best option I think

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ASTER Mineral Index Processing Manual Compiled by Aleks Kalinowski and Simon Oliver data should be used in conjunction with ASTER for best results 2 The processing steps described in the first part of this manual are relevant only to ASTER level 1B scen Level 1A scenes

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Nonetheless, as already noted, they can differ in the mafic phases, the degree of hydrothermal alteration, and the surface alteration patina The following paragraphs describe the image processing and results obtained using the TIR and VNIR/SWIR ASTER bands with the specific aim of mapping high-K ,

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image processing, spectral analysis, and mineral mapping PUBLIC INTEREST STATEMENT One of the most important applications of remote sensing is presented in mining and exploration of , basalt minerals ASTER multi-spectral satellite images have been utilized This satellite provides ap-


MINERAL EXPLORATION AND ALTERATION ZONE MAPPING IN EASTERN DESERT OF EGYPT USING ASTER DATA Abduwasit Ghulam, , popular image processing techniques for hyperspectral image processing However, it may not be optimal for , located at band 6 and 8 of ASTER data Minerals also indicated a strong reflection over VNIR band and one of the SWIR .

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Image Analysis Through Digital Processing Techniques An image of Aster for area of interest was processed for subsequent analysis Analysis of Aster data for lithological discrimination is based on relationship between the spectral absorptance or emittance and the mineral composition of rock units under investigation

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Assessment of image processing techniques and ASTER SWIR data for the delineation of evaporates , (SWIR) bands allow various minerals to be identified, multispectral ASTER images have been widely and successfully employed by several workers to map lithologies, ore deposits, minerals, and alteration products in various geologic settings .

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ASTER (15m) Satellite Image The Morenci satellite image above is an open-pit copper mine in southeast Arizona is North America's leading producer of copper This processed and interpreted ASTER image used short wavelength infrared bands to highlight in bright pink the altered rocks in the Morenci pit associated with copper mineralization

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ASTER Image Processing A collaborative COGS/Anglo American PLC project involving detailed image processing of ASTER multi-spectral data, tailored towards mineral exploration for porphyry copper deposits was completed as a capstone project The study included a literature review, data acquisition and pre-processing, ASTER data processing .

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This work describes a new image processing technique for discriminating iron ores (magnetite quartzite deposits) and associated lithology in high-grade granulite region of Salem, Southern Peninsular India using visible, near-infrared and short wave infrared reflectance data of Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER)

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How to cite this article: A Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, MH Karimpour, CR Stern and SA Mazaheri, 2009 Hydrothermal Alteration Mapping in SW Birjand, Iran, Using the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) Image Processing

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Oct 17, 2017· Minerals identification and mapping using ASTER satellite image Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 11(4) October 2017 with 6,640 Reads How we measure 'reads'

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Mar 30, 2016· The four ASTER mineral maps selected for mapping , PS and MC conducted temporal studies of ASTER SI over Cooper Creek area AR provided advice on suitable image processing methods .

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on ASTER and ETM+ data, show dominantly Al-OH (sericite and clays) and FeO absorption features in the VNIR/SWIR spectral regions Directed principal components analysis (DPCA), spectral angle mapper (SAM) and linear spectral unmixing (LSU) were performed on ASTER/ETM+ images to map zones of hydrothermal alteration and iron oxide/hydroxide minerals

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ASTER Image Processing; ESRI ONLINE COURSES; CONTACT; GEOLOGY / GIS FEATURED WORK PROJECTS , SEM Mineral Mapping Kriging Interpolation - Soils Lineament Analysis Alteration / Ore Deportment Mineral Potential Studi Click ,

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By the free access of Landsat and ASTER satellite images, the remote sensing methods have been favoured by several sectors including geology for mapping of minerals and rocks Satellite images processed with image enhancement techniques in accordance with the aim of study allow mapping of areas with no distinct outcrop or detailed field study

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Hajibapir, G , Lotfi, M , Zarifi, A and Nezafati, N (2014) Application of Different Image Processing Techniques on Aster and ETM+ Images for Exploration of Hydrothermal Alteration Associated with Copper Mineralizations Mapping Kehdolan Area (Eastern Azarbaijan Province-Iran)

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Mar 21, 2012· In this case study, learn how Abduwasit Ghulam of Saint Louis University is using ENVI to map gold exploration regions

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Download model and sample data Description: This model applies various geologic image processing band ratio formulae to a 14-band ASTER satellite image The results are a single band image file Once the formula is applied, there are several options for effective visualization of the results You can use the Preview function to view results before saving to file

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The processing steps described in the first part of this manual are relevant only to ASTER level 1B scen Level 1A scenes (in a less processed form) must be imported using image processing software such as Rastus ii Useful References For tutorials on remote sensing and image processing: • Canada Centre for Remote Sensing tutorial

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The image derived spectral profiles for anorthosite are compared with the ASTER resampled laboratory spectra, JHU spectral library spectra and Apollo 14 lunar anorthosites spectra The Spectral Angle Mapping imaging spectroscopy technique has been practiced to classify the ASTER image of the study area and found that, the processing of ASTER

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Using ASTER Image Processing for Hydrothermal Alteration and Key Alteration Minerals Mapping 1MOHAMAD BOLOKI, 2RASHED POORMIRZAEE 1 Islamic Azad University Ahar Branch, 2 Sahand University of Technology Tabriz IRAN [email protected], [email protected]

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aster image processing minerals ondawireless The alteration zones are generally associated with certain types of mineral and mineral aggregates and are localized in the ground that can be mapped remotely using spectral mapping techniqu The band ratio and selective PCT were applied on calibrated ASTER image to extract spectral signature .

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Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals, 1987) and d ASTER RGB (3,2,1) image of study area a b d N Wadi Fizz LEGEND Mq-Maqoum formation Dh- Dhera formation Hf- Halfa formation Ex- Oman exotics HD-Hamrat Duru group of formations Wa-Wahrah formations E- Basic extrusive mostly spilites with pillow lava or conglomerate D- Diabase dyke swarms

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In this study, thermal infrared (TIR) bands of the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) imagery were used to identify quartz contained rocks in Gua Musang First, the image was corrected for atmospheric effect and the study area subset for further processing

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Sep 25, 2017· Landsat - Aster - WorldView3 Tutorial y ejemplo de procesamiento a distintas escalas, selección de targets y mapeo Remote Sensing Processing / Mineral Exploration Different scales ,

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the occurrence of mineral endmembers related to an epithermal gold prospect in Patagonia, Argentina The results illustrate ASTER’s ability to provide information on alteration minerals which are valuable for mineral exploration activities and support the role of PCA as a very effective and robust image processing technique for that purpose 1

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processing to ASTER visible and near-infrared (VISNIR) bands is not recommended because there may be prob- lems with additive atmospheric effects [3] 5 Result and Discussion Hydrothermal Alteration Detection Many image analysis and processing techniques can use to interpret the remote sensing spectral data In this re-